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One of the best parts of MMA fights is having some money on the fights. Nothing is better than cracking open a cold one watching to guys beat the heck out of each other and watching your account balance go higher and higher after each fight. With that in mind, I am gonna give your my bets for this card that way you can have the best chance of making that green.

Ashlee Evans-Smith -135 I just think that Smith is the much better fighter here on the feet she throws a lot more strikes then Dumont. Dumont is gonna go for the takedown and Smith has a 72% takedown defense so I don’t think Dumont will be able to get it very often if at all. On the feet, Smith is just much better in my opinion, and should be able to pick her apart for a decision victory. I know not the sexist bet in the world we all want those fights that will end quickly so we don’t have to worry but I don’t think this is a fight that will make you sweat very much.

Spike Carlyle -180 I just think that Spike is better everywhere in this fight. Well, his opponent does have power Spike can get the takedown if he needs to which I think he will do if he gets rocked. Algeo just eats way too many strikes which is gonna be an issue against a guy with Spikes power. I think Spike at worse will get a decision but very well could get a KO victory as well.

Miguel Baeza -175 This is gonna be a very fun fight as both Baeza and his opponent have great striking ability. I think in the end Baeza will be just a little too fast for his opponent and will be able to pick and move so he does not get rocked. His opponent also has shown in the past to get tired and get rocked so a finish late 2nd early 3rd is not out of the question in my opinion.

Parlay Kamaka/Mudaerji/Parisian These 3 guys all should have no issues getting the win putting all three will get you + money odds and will be a great way to pad that account.

Well those are my bets for this UFC slate as always if you have any questions feel free to reach out and let’s get that money


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