Above are the projections from my partner Tyler Beard @tyslice23 Well we may not always agree on every single pick as no one ever will those are a good bases to go off of if you are ever having any questions about who you should play. I have also put my core as always our cores are more so meant for H2H and cash than GPP but then can always be sprinkled into GPP as well.

So the way I am gonna go about this is kinda give you guys a breakdown of each fighter and what category I think you should put them in. I won’t do a full breakdown for each fighter I will go a little more in-depth on my weekly podcast thefightforecast which you can view on YouTube and which I will also post on here.

The categories I will be using are Cash, GPP, Multi entry GPP, both, and Fade this will give you a good idea of who you should play and help you build your lineups no matter what type of game you are playing on Draftkings. If I put GPP this means single entry GPP if I put both this means I think he would be good in both cash and single entry GPP

Cody Durden $7500 – Mult entry GPP

Jimmy Flick $8700 – GPP

Tafon Nchukwi $9400 – Must-Have

Jamie Pickett $6800 – Fade

Deron Winn $7300 – Multi entry GPP

Antonio Arroyo $8900 – GPP

Pannie Kianzad $7400 – Cash

Sijara Eubanks $8800 – Multi entry GPP

Anthony Pettis $9200 – GPP

Alex Morono $7000 – Multi entry GPP

Marcin Tybura $7700 – Multi entry GPP

Greg Hardy $8500 – GPP

Talia Santos $8200 – GPP

Gillian Robertson $8000 – Multi entry GPP

Marlon Moraes $9000 – Multi entry GPP

Rob Font $7200 – Cash

Kalian Williams $7900 – Both

Michel Pereira $8300 – Multi entry GPP

Jose Aldo $8600 – Fade

Marlon Vera $7600 – Multi entry GPP

Stephen Thompson $7800 – Cash

Geoff Neal $8400 – Both


Biggest fade of the night 

– Jose Aldo at first it was Karl Robertson but as always Covid decided to have something to do with changing that. I don’t dislike Aldo as much as I did Robertson who I thought was no were worth his price point. Aldo more than likely should retire in my personal opinion he just does not have it anymore. In six of his last ten fights, he has scored 70 points or under. Yes he is facing some of the best fighters in the UFC and this fight is kinda a step down for him I just personally don’t see him hit value. Can he turn the clocks back and get a finish sure anything can happen but my personal opinion is that does not happen tonight and just like Anderson Silva recently we see Aldo retire a shell of his former self.

Biggest value play of the night

– Kalian Williams well he is not the type of “value” I would hope for as he is $7900 I honestly do not understand how this guy is an underdog. His past two fights he has been an underdog and all he has done is end each fight in under thirty seconds. This guy has scary power now yes he is going against someone who has only been knocked out once but his opponent has also looked average at best since coming to the UFC. His opponent is a very unique fighter and I think that is gonna hurt him against a fight like Williams. I think that Williams will eventually land the knockout punch for the finish for his price tag I love him and will have him on a bunch of teams.

Fights I would target

Hardy vs Tybura

Pereira vs Williams

Neal vs Thompson

All in all, I would say this is a multi-entry GPP or cash slate. I think that a lot of the high priced fighters honestly will not do as good as their price so I think multi-entry would allow you to make those crazy off the wall lineups that could win you that GPP

As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out on twitter @dualcoastsports

* Make sure to keep your eye on this thread as the fights get closer I will take fighters off the list if the fights get canceled as we have seen lately with Covid that can happen at the drop of a hat. Covid has already effected two fights this slate so make sure to keep your eyes on this thread as I mentioned previously.

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