Building an MMA GPP winning lineup

MMA better known as mix martial arts can be a tough beast to crack when it comes to making a lineup that can take down a GPP game. GPP games are generally games with multiple entries and can have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in them.

Well, there are many different strategies that can be used in building a lineup these are some of the things I have used myself to be successful and hopefully, they will help you be successful as well. One of the first things I try to do when it comes to making my lineups is figuring out who the live underdogs are. With only 50,000 to make your lineup unfortunately we can not just stack all of the top fighters seeing that we have to fill a six fighter lineup. If it was that simple everyone would do it. Finding those underdogs that have a chance at scoring big is what it takes to get the win.

Generally, when you are building an MMA lineup you are looking for 12x what this means is you want your fighter to score twelve times the salary that they are given. If a fighter costs 10k you want him to score 120. This is not to say you can not win a GPP or cash very well if they do not do this but for most MMA cards it takes at least 600 points to see your name at the top of the leaderboard.

Once you have found the dogs that you like it is time to fit in those studs those top-notch fighters who you are expecting to carry your team based on their salary. Picking the right stud can be just as tricky as picking the right underdog. Do you go with a fighter that you think will get the finish do you go with the fighter that you think will get a lot of takedowns or what about the fighter who will more than likely get a lot of signature strikes.

Generally, I stay away from the people who get the signature strikes as well as the takedowns. Those things are just too tough to predict from fight to fight. For your high-priced fighters, I generally try to find people who have the potential for the finish then go to the people with takedown ability and then worse case go for signature strikes.

On top of figuring out which fighters to pick it is important to look at contest size. This in my personal opinion is the most important thing when it comes to winning a GPP. I generally always try to find a contest with under 5000 people now this is not to say that you can not win one if it has more people but your chances are a lot higher the fewer entries there are in the contest.

Personally I also always do multi-entry well this is not as important it does allow you to get more builds and throw a couple of random things together that you would not be able to if you only built one lineup. The very last thing that I can suggest is never stack in a GPP. This is not to say it can not work sure there have been those few times that it has worked and each fighter has scored 100 points. It is highly unlikely that this happens though so to stack in a GPP is just not worth the risk in MMA.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask but if you follow these rules more often then not you will see yourself in the green which at the end of the day is what we all want.

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