Ravens vs Browns Draftkings showdown core and breakdown
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Well, another Showdown slate and another green board last night. This makes two showdown slates in a row that if you used my core along with the other players I suggested you more than likely ended pretty happy. Tonight we have another showdown slate this time the Ravens vs the Browns. as always these cores are mostly suggested for cash and H2H games but you can also do pretty good in GPP games as well with them. The Ravens are a tricky team to figure out when it comes to showdown slates due to how they run their offense. They have so many different players on offense that they spread the ball around to it can be hard figuring out which ones to target for your team. Andrews is someone that I think you for sure want on your team as the Browns have really struggled against tight ends this season. Parkey is a good value play this slate I feel as the Ravens have a pretty solid defense I think he could get a few field goals this game like we saw Bass get last night.

The other players on this slate that I would fill out your rosters with are

Lamar Jackson

Jarvis Landry

JK Dobbins

Marquise Brown

Rashard Higgins

Willie Snead

Harrison Bryant

Justin Tucker

David Njoku

Now, this is not to say these are the only guys you can play there is a reason I don’t give out full lineups. However, I feel very confident that if you build your lineup from this pool of players that you will be seeing yourself in the green once again. Any questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter @dualcoastsports


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