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It’s that time of the year. You sit down on the couch you have your spiked egg nog in one hand and your 3rd plate of turkey and fixings in your other hand. The parade has just ended and now it’s time for the main event of thanksgiving football. This year is a little bit different than it has been the past few years but really can we expect anything different from 2020. Thanks to covid we will only have two games this year instead of three games but that does not mean that we can not find value when it comes to betting.

This year my favorite bet of the day is actually a two-team teaser. A teaser bet is when both teams have to win but that you get better odds than what the normal line is but because of that you have to pay a little extra juice.

Texans +3.5 and Cowboys game under 52.5

Yes, thanksgiving is the lions day they always play on thanksgiving but they just are not a very good team this year. The Texans are the better team in every aspect and Watson should be able to control the game. I honestly think that they very likely should win straight up so if you can get +3.5 this is like taking money from a baby.

The Cowboys are one of the worst teams in the NFL Aikman ain’t coming down from the commentary booth and for that matter neither is Romo. The Football team surprisingly has a very good defense this year. I think that they will be able to shut down the red rocket and hold them to under 20 points. Well, the Cowboys defense is not very good at all the Football team Jesus I feel stupid typing that offense is just not good enough to put up that many points. I think both times will more than likely score 45 points combined so to get 52.5 I think that this is a great play.

Take this play to the bank and get that extra money that you will need to wrestle that ps5 out of grandma’s hands black Friday shopping.


Two team teaser

Texans +3.5 and Cowboys game under 52.5

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