NFL Draftkings showdown Patriots vs Rams
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One of the things I have found recently the more I have played showdown slates is that even if you are just semi-good at them you can win more times than not in cash games. Now when I say cash games I mean h2h as well as 50/50 and double-up games. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing this theory after normally just playing GPP when it came to showdown slates and I have found very good success in doing so. As always you still want to be careful when you are picking your contests. I have found that the games that I have had the most success in is single entry double-ups with the more people in them the better. In these games, you are gonna get a lot of fish who are simply just playing because they have nothing better to do on a Thursday night. That is not us though we are the people that eat the fish we are the people that play the game because we enjoy making money.

With that in mind, I am gonna give you my cash core for tomorrow’s slate. Whenever I give a core for NFL showdown I will give you three guys who will for sure be in my lineup. I will not give the whole lineup as that is against the terms and conditions of Draftkings but if you build your lineup with these three guys in it more times than not you will find your team in the green.

Now I am sure two of these guys come as no shock to anyone Goff and Kupp are both very good players and the Patriots have shown this season to have issues against the pass making them people that I am sure most will have in lineups. As I have said before one of the most important things for a showdown slate is finding that low priced guy who will allow you to get the most high priced guys into your lineup. This does not mean that you have to force someone in this cheap but a value guy is very important with showdown slates.

Byrd is my value play for this slate at $800 he is just way too cheap to not be in your lineup. Yes I know he is facing a very good pass defense and sure he has not been a guy who has been amazing this year but if you look at his last five games he has got 3.6,6.3,29.3,11.5, and 6.9 now I am not expecting another 29.3 game but even if he gets you 8pts which he has a fair chance of doing that is 10x for his price point he is someone that you have to have in your lineup based on the ability and chances that he has to put up points. He is just on the field too much to be priced this cheap in his last game he was on the field for 78% of the Patriots snaps you can’t get that anywhere else for $800

So that is my cash core for this slate. Moving forward I will more than likely also do a deeper dive into other plays that will be in my lineups for people looking for GPP slates and how to fill out your lineup but that will be behind the paywall. So let’s all get that green guys and have a great slate


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