So I decided that I am gonna do things a little differently with NBA to 1. allow me to make sure that I am getting something out almost every day and 2. to make things a little easier and quicker for you guys to read. With that being said what I am gonna do is for the free breakdown like this I will give one player from each position that I like. In the premium breakdown, I will give three total from each position. This will give people some incentive to buy the premium package because you may not always get the top guys or the top value guys on the free breakdown. With that being said this is who I like for today

PG – Damian Lillard $10,600

SG – Rodney Hood $4300

SF – Mikal Bridges $6000

PF – Markieff Morris $3000

C – Bam Adebayo $9200

For the other players make sure to check out one of our packages for as little as $50.00

Any questions reach out to me @dualcoastsports

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