So as I said in the bets post today everything would be free so with that being said here is our NBA breakdown for the night.

PG –

Luka Doncic $10,700 – On a 10 game slate like this you can pay up for a guy of this price and be ok because there is so much value. When it comes to high priced players this slate I think easily Doncic is the one to go with. He had two games that his PPG fell a good amount but since then he has been back to his old normal self. He is going against the Nuggets who give up the 5th most points to opposing PG’s and last time he played them he put up 79.25 fantasy points. Well, I don’t expect to see quite that high of a number. I think that sixty point range is very realistic and for that reason, he is my favorite pay up on this slate. If you are looking for some cheaper options few other guys that we like are SGA at 8.1k as well as Dejounte Murray at 6.5k



Wayne Ellington $4200 – This is one of those positions that I think we go semi-cheap on that way we can get studs in our lineup like Doncic. Ellington has scored at least 24.5 fantasy points in his last four games. For under 4.5k he is a complete steal. On top of that, he is facing a team that gives up the 11th most fantasy points per game to opposing SG. I think this is a great value play and one you don’t wanna miss out on. The one thing that does concern us some is that it is a blowout and the Pistons pull the starters but even if that happens mid 4th I think Ellington will get enough run for him to hit at least 5x. A few of the other players that we like this slate are Jalen Brunson at 4.7k as well as Gary Harris at 3.9k



Doug Mcdermott $5500 – In his last seven games Doug has scored at least 24.25 fantasy points all but one game. Well yes, I do think that he is a little pricier than I would like. I think that this is a great matchup for him and that he is a good value tonight at this price. Tonight he is going up against the Raptors who give up the most fantasy points to opposing SF. In a game that should be fairly close as the Raptors have started to put it together more as of late, I think we could see Doug have a pretty big game. A few other players that we like for this slate are Jerami Grant at 7.8k as well as Jarrett Culver at 3.7k



Zion Williamson $7900 – So we have been going with some cheaper players so far so we could fit in Doncic but we are gonna spend a little bit here. In seven out of his last eight games, Zion has scored at least 39 fantasy points. He is now coming into a game against a team in the Spurs who give up the 6th most fantasy points to opposing PF. For a matchup like this, the price tag of 7900 is just too low. We expect Zion to get close to that forty point mark again and would not at all be surprised to see him go even higher. A few other guys that we like if you do wanna go a little bit cheaper though are Isaiah Roby at 4.6k as well as Paul Millsap at 4.9k



Bam Adebayo $8500 – Well I do wish that Bam got more rebounds and blocks he really does fill up the stat sheet and gives you a little bit of everything. In his last ten games, he has only gone under 35 fantasy points once and in this matchup, I would be very surprised to see him go under 40. Bam is facing the Nets who give up the 2nd most points to opposing centers this season. The main thing that concerns me is that this game could get out of hand but as long as that does not happen I see no reason Bam should not have a big game. A few other guys we like if the worry of the blow out is just too much for you are James Wiseman at 5.4k as well as Dwight Howard at 4.2k

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