Sorry, it has been a few days since we have been able to get this out but glad I could get it out for you guys on this three-game slate.

PG –

Mike Conley $6500 – Three game slates are always a little bit tougher because the same players are gonna jump out for everyone I think Conley is a very good play to start in building your teams though. Normally I am not a huge Conley fan but he has been pretty consistent this year when it comes to fantasy points. With his salary dropping a few hundred I think he is a very good play on this slate since there are so few games. Well yes, this is a pretty slow game pace-wise Conley does have a 22.9 usage rating and has gone over 31 fantasy points in five out of his last 6 games for 6500 I just don’t think you can beat that. If you do wanna go a little bit cheaper we like Damion Lee at 3.5k



RJ Barrett $6900 – This is another one of those plays like Conley was being under 7k I think you just have to take him. Barrett has been playing very well this year; he is also going against a Warriors team who gives up the 9th most fantasy points to opposing SG’s. Facing The Warriors will hopefully give him some extra touches as well as they have the third-highest pace of play in the NBA compared to the Knicks who have the slowest pace of play. If you are looking for a cheaper option another guy we like is Joe Ingles at 4.3k


Brandon Ingram $8500 – When it comes to consistency that has been Ingram this season. Ingram has scored at least thirty fantasy points in every game this season. He gives you a little bit of everything when it comes to stats as he averages 22.8 PPG, 6.1 rebounds per game, and five assists per game. Well, I do think that his price may be a little high. I think he is worth it on a three-game slate. Ingram has a 28.5 usage rate so when he is on the court he is pretty much involved all the time. Yes, this game could be a very slow game based on the two teams’ pace of play but I just think Ingram is too consistent not to play. If you did want to go cheaper though another guy that we like is Bojan Bogdanovic at 5k



Julius Randle $8800 – Randle has come out of nowhere to become one of the better players in the NBA this season. Randle has been a stat stuffer this season so far averaging 22.8 points, 11 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game he really has been doing it all. I think Randle is the guy to go with at PF this slate. Yes, he is the third most expensive but on a three-game slate, I think he could be a little under owned because of the other two big PF’s. Randle has been just as good as Anthony Davis in my personal opinion this year I mean in the last ten games he has had one game under 40 fantasy points. If you do decide that you do wanna go with a different option we also like Bobby Portis at 4.3k



Montrezl Harrell $5200 – Center is one of those positions today that I think you semi punt. I really don’t think that the higher-priced options will hit value. Harrell has been playing fairly well for the Lakers this season and well his numbers are not as good as they were last season. I think he could be the play tonight. He gets a slight uptick when it comes to pace of play in this matchup which could help him. Do I think he will go off and score 40 or 50 no but I think he is pretty safe for 20-30 which for his price point is not bad. If you do not like Harrell the other semi cheap options we looked at were Steven Adams at 5.7k and James Wiseman at 4.5k

Decided to put this all out for free tonight since have not been able to get NBA in a few days but still, make sure you check out that premium packages page as they will be going back behind the paywall tomorrow

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