Sorry was late again guys I will work on getting up earlier tomorrow for you still working out all the kinks. We huge trade news happening today it really shook up some of the news for the NBA world. With all that being said here are our plays for today.

PG –

Luka Doncic $10,800 – Yes I know this is a huge price to pay for a player and it takes up more than 20% of your salary plain and simple he is worth it though. In his last four games Luka has gone for over 56 points we are starting to see the Luka of last year and that is a very scary thing for the NBA. One thing to look into is Porzingis potentially playing for the first time this year. If that does happen I think we could see Luka’s scoring going down a little bit as they will not have to lean on him as heavily. He still is by no means not gonna be a beast but maybe worth watching for a few games to see how he plays with Porzingis and potentially fading in GPP. If you decide not to play Luka either due to the fact of Porzingis or that his salary is just too high to fit in your lineup some other plays we are watching are Dennis Schroder at 6.1k in a revenge game or if you are looking for a value play Desmond Bane at 3.6k



Joe Harris $5500 – With the news of the Nets pulling off a huge trade for Harden this has made it so the Nets have very little depth this game. With no Irving or Levert Harris is gonna get a bunch of playing time and should easily pay off his value. The Nets are going against the sixth worse team when it comes to giving up points to the SG position and we expect Harris usage rate to go up a lot with this trade happening. Well, the Knicks do have the slowest pace of play in the NBA we still really like Harris at his price. Other guys we like for the SG position are Malik Beasley at 6.7k and KCP at 3.6k



Gordon Hayward $7800 – This was a position I struggled with a little bit as the higher-priced guys I really did not like the matchups for them. I ended up going with Hayward as he will be facing a rookie today in Josh Green. The good thing with Hayward is he gives you a little bit of everything averaging 22.5 PPG, 5.2 rebounds a game, and 4 assists per game he is a true stat sheet filler. Well, he does not have the best matchup today going against the Mavs I think he will be able to take advantage of going up against the rookie and put up some good points. His usage rate is not crazy high at 25.4 but like I said he gives you a little bit of everything so that is not the end of the world. Other guys that we like are Harrison Barnes at 6.7k as well as Luwawu-Cabarrot at 3.5k who could see some more playing time with Levert being traded today.



Kevin Durant $9400 – To me, Durant is the stud that you want in all your lineups tonight the guy is just a beast and the fact that he is under 10k is crazy to me. Durant this year has a 31.2 usage rating which just goes up even higher with Irving, not on the court. In his last two games, he has shown just what he can do when he is the focal point of the team scoring 58, and 64 points. To add to this fact Levert was just traded which means the ball should be in Durant’s hands even more. Plain and simple you want Durant in your lineup the fact that he did not go up in salary at all is crazy to be. Even though this is not the best matchup for him he will just get way too many touches not to have in your lineup. Other guys we like at the PF position are Bobby Portis at 5.4k and Jeff Green at 3.6k



Jonas Valanciunas $6900 – The center position is just really not a good position today I liked Allen a lot till he got traded and now it makes this position even weaker. Valanciunas is the guy I landed on well he has been down his last two games before that he was averaging a double-double. Going against the TWolves who give up the sixth-most points to opposing centers we believe that he will go back to his double-double roots. On top of that, the Twolves are the seventh-highest pace of play team so Memphis should see a slight uptick with that as well. If you wanted to punt this position which we would not at all hate some of the other players we like are Mitchell Robinson at 5.8k, Enes Kanter at 4.8k, and Deandre Jordan at 3.4k

Well, that is all for today guys. Hope you have a good NBA slate. Remember to sign up for one of our premium accounts as more than likely the full breakdown will be going behind a paywall tomorrow

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