Sorry for the late breakdown the site’s host had some issues earlier so was not able to get on to the site till recently. Now that everything is up and running though gonna post’s tonights NBA breakdown even if it is a little late. As I stated yesterday we have a new writer with NBA as it did not work out with the old one but we hope that the knowledge is still good enough for you guys and that we see that green on the leaderboards.

PG –

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander $8000 – The Thunder are going against the Spurs who give up third-most fantasy points to opposing point guards. The good thing about Shai is everything that he gives you as along with the 21 PPG he averages he also averages 5.3 rebounds per game as well as 6.8 assists per game he basically fills the sheet everywhere. He has a 27.1 usage rate and really is the main scoring option on this young Thunder team. If you wanna go the cheaper route a few value plays we like are Dotson at 5k as well as Maxey at 5.5k though that is more so if Simmons or Embiid is out with his price jumping up to 5.5k Maxey may be a good GPP play since his price has jumped up a very good amount in the past week.



Andre Wiggins $6300 – Anytime you suggest Wiggins or play him yourself you are kinda holding your breath but looking at his numbers I don’t think he has been as bad as people make him out to be. Wiggins has been pretty consistent this year honestly giving you right around 30 fantasy points per game that is not at all bad for his price. Well, Wiggins does have one of the lowest usage rates of his career at only 23.9 percent we believe he is a good play at his price on a slate that does not have near the value the last few days of slates have had. He is going against the Pacers who give up the 6th most fantasy points per game to the SG position and the Warriors have the second-highest pace of play this season. Some of the other cheaper plays to keep an eye on are George Hill at 4.7k as well as Dakota Mathias though with both Simmons and Embiied potentially playing just like Maxey I am not sure if Mathias will be as playable as he has been the last few slates.



Will Barton $5700 – This is one of those positions that I think that you punt for the most part honestly most of the higher-priced players just are not worth it for my in my personal opinion with their matchups. Barton is the first guy I see who interests me as he once again will be drawing the start. Though Barton has been very up and down so far this year he is going against the Nets who give up the ninth most fantasy points to the Small forward position. In what should be a pretty close game I think Barton should put together a game performance and get close to that thirty or forty point mark than the twenty point mark he has past few games. The Nets also do have the third-highest pace of play in the NBA which actually has gone up even more with Irving being out so that will help Barton as well. Some cheaper plays that we think could be good value if you want to fully punt this position are Eric Paschall at 4.2k and Doug Mcdermott at 3.9k


Kevin Durant $9400 – To me, Durant is the stud that you want in all your lineups tonight the guy is just a beast and the fact that he is under 10k is crazy to me. Durant this year has a 31.2 usage rating which just goes up even higher with Irving, not on the court. Durant showed what he could do last night with Irving not playing getting 58.25 fantasy points and he gets an amazing matchup tonight against the Nuggets who give up the seventh-most fantasy points to the PF position. Plain and simple do not overthink it or stay off of him because of the price tag just get him in your lineup. If for some reason you do not want him in your lineup to be different or the price is just too much for you some other guys we like are Jeff Green at 3.8k but we can not stress it enough plan and simple Durant should be in your lineup for this slate.



Christain Wood $7900 – To me, this position really comes down to Wood or Gobert I think both of them are by far the best plays at center tonight personally I prefer to save a little extra money and go with the guy who I feel is a little better offensively in Wood. Wood has a 27 percent usage rate which is the reason we have seen his PPG go up a good amount this year. The one thing that concerns me a little bit about Wood is his rebounds can be a little bit hit or miss but personally, we feel that will not be an issue in this game. As I stated earlier personally I think its either Wood or Gobert at center tonight if you had to go cheaper though or wanted to be different I also think that Harrell at 6k and Draymond Green at 5.6k are not bad plays though Green’s price has gone up 700 which does concern me a little bit.

Once again sorry about the late post in the next few days the NBA content will more than likely go behind the paywall so make sure you look into one of those premium memberships starting as low as 50.00 and lets get that money guys

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