Is Khabib the goat
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Now I know that this is a little bit late, but I wanted to weigh in on what I think is a very big question in the MMA community. So as we all know Khabib won his most recent fight against Justin Gathje. After the fight, he announced his retirement from the UFC and left people wondering is Khabib the greatest of all time when it comes to MMA. Khabib ended his career with a 29-0 record something that has never been done in MMA before and in my personal opinion won’t happen again but is that enough to call him the goat.

When It comes to this topic, there are really only four names that in my personal opinion could be argued, and those are Jon Jones, Khabib, Silva, GSP. Now I know some people will say well what about Conor and let me just stop you right there. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Conor and if we were talking about fighters that have changed the game Conor honestly may very well be number one. No one has done what Conor has for the sport of MMA when we are talking about promotion money-making capability marketing so on so forth. When it comes to being a fighter though as controversial as it may sound he is just a one-dimensional fighter which will never allow him to be the goat.

So let’s break down each one of these four fighters

Jon Jones – He is a tough one to say much about if not for the potential roids issue he would be clear cut number one in my opinion but can we really overlook those issues. That is not even mentioning the personal issues which I am willing to overlook for the sake of this debate as it has nothing to do with how he fought. I personally just can not look past the roids issue though. True or not this is just a stain that will always be part of his UFC career and for that, I just can’t put him as the goat.

Anderson Silva – This is just the tale of two careers if we are talking about just one section in time he very well could be the goat I mean he started his UFC career with a 16-0 record. The issue is since that 16-0 record he has gone 1-7-1. He has fallen off so much since that first run that it makes it really hard to call him the goat. What caused this big of a drop-off is one thing I have always wondered I think after that first loss the confidence just was not there for him anymore and in the end, he just was never the same. If we talking about respect level he is absolutely the goat but as far as his UFC career I just can’t consider him the goat.

So that leaves two fighters Khabib and GSP, of course, it would be these two I mean this is the dream fight for most people including Khabib’s dad right?

This one is kinda tough for me to decide most of GSP’s fights were before I got big into MMA which makes it hard for me to judge and the fights I did see I just honestly was never much of a fan of him. If there ever was a fighter who would be able to rival Khabib it would be GSP he went 26-2 and just dismantled people. Personally, I think Khabib is the goat with GSP as a close second something has to be said for a guy who never lost a fight, and on top of that rumor is he only ever lost one round. If that is true I personally do not see how you could make anyone outside of Khabib the goat. Unfortunately, we will more than likely never see this fight and we will always be left wondering what if and who truly is the goat. For my money, though it is and always will be Khabib the way he dismantled fighters will just never be able to be replicated.


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