The last game of the regular season for the NFL and we are stuck with this game. Either way, we need to make the best of it which involves generally having some money on it or in this case having a showdown team on it.

The players above I would suggest having in your core Scott is just way too cheap not to have on your team he has shown in the past that when he gets the starting job he can put up points for you. Mclaurin has been Washington’s number one WR all year and I don’t see a reason why that would change against one of the worst defenses in the league against the pass.

Three other players, I like this game

Jalen Hurts – He has all but secured the job as the Eagles starting QB moving forward in my personal opinion. I will be honest being an Alabama fan I did not see this happening at all. The transfer to Oklahoma seemed to make Hurts a different QB and we are seeing that in the NFL now. He just has so many different weapons that can be used from the QB position much like a Lamar Jackson. Well, Washington has been good against the QB’s this year I think he just brings too many different things to the table and will be able to have a good game even if his arm gets slowed down he still has his legs you just can’t stop everything.

Logan Thomas – He has kinda come out of nowhere to be one of the better TE’s in football as of late. He has double-digit points in six out of his last seven games and has been a target monster how he is only 7.8k on Draftkings is beyond me just shows the lack of respect for the season he has been having. The Eagles rank 23rd worse when it comes to points scored against TE’s so I see no reason why he should not have another good game for his price he is a guy I will have on almost every team.

Zach Ertz – The curse of the receiving options for the Eagles don’t seem to be changing anytime soon. With Ertz being the only TE really on the team anymore I think he will get at least 10 targets this game. He has got seven in each of his last two games and will have more opportunities now. At his price tag of 4.6k, he is just way too cheap not to have on your team especially if you are looking for someone to stack with Hurts who seems to go to his TE’s often.

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