Our Must have for this slate is

Conor Mcgregor – Draftkings 9100, FD 21 – Our must-have comes into this fight with a 22-4 record in those 22 wins he has nineteen by ko, one via submission, and two via decision. Mcgregor is a -330 favorite with -200 odds to win the fight inside the distance.

Yes, I know this seems a little bit of a cop-out but I just think he is by far the best pick on this slate. Conor has come in looking like his old determined self which is a very scary thing for the UFC. Even before seeing this, I thought this was a great matchup for Conor and that he should be able to easily win now I feel even more confident about this. Now yes the new scoring system does hurt strikers some but I think the right ones can still score well. Not that I am expecting it but we did just see Holloway score over 200 points with this new scoring system just a week ago. One of the other things Conor could get as well is the new 25 point bonus for a finish inside the first sixty seconds. Conor has nineteen wins via ko so it is almost a sure thing that he will get a finish at some point in time. Feel safe starting your lineups on Draftkings and Fandual with Conor Mcgregor and watch yourself go into the green.

* As we stated last week must have does not mean that you have to have a fighter in every lineup if you are multi entering just that this is a guy we believe you should have in at least 50% of your lineups

Any questions reach out to me @dualcoastsports and ask.



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