A showdown slate is when you make your team or teams based on just one NFL game. This also means that you will have a “captain” with your captain he gets you 1.5x points however the price for the captain is higher than the player’s normal price. Figuring out how to make a good showdown lineup can be tricky at times but once you get the hang of it it’s easy to find the things you have to to make a good lineup.

The first thing I always suggest when making a showdown lineup is finding your top value play. Just like with any sport we can not have a team full of studs as the salary cap does not allow us to do that. From there it’s all about filling out your roster and picking the right captain player.Few things I have noticed since I have been doing showdown slates isAlmost never does a team with a QB in the captain spot win.

I know that does not make sense the QB has the ball more than anyone wouldn’t they have the best chance to help you win. The simple response to that is no. Well yes, the QB does generally on paper give you the best chance he also will almost always cost the most. This will cause you to have to reach for players that are more than likely gonna get you little to no points unless you get very lucky

Almost never play a defense. Yes, I know they start with ten points right off the bat and that is a great start but unless the QB throws a lot of interceptions or the defense scores a TD they will not stay at ten points. More times then not a defense will end up with five points max that is not something that will help you take down a GPP. Let other people make the mistake of taking them and smile as you are passing them on the leaderboard. This is not to say you never pick on but not very often and only in matchups that you are very confident in.

Believe it or not, kickers are good to draft and can help you win. Just like defense, you do not always wanna do this but in a good matchup, a kicker can get fifteen or twenty points at a very cheap price point. Kickers will always be around 4k if you can get even ten points for 4k that is a very good play and will allow you to pick more of those top players who will score what you need to get you at the top of the leaderboards.

Don’t be scared to play mid-priced guys at captain. Almost every time I have won a showdown slate it has been with a mid-priced guy at captain. These are the guys that most people will not think about when it comes to building a lineup Just this past week I won a showdown slate with Cole the WR from the Jags as my captain.

This allowed me to get Rodgers, Adams, and Robinson on my team which is not something that I would have been able to do had I played a higher-priced guy at captain. Cole, if I remember correctly, was 6k as a captain most people will not look at guys like that which will mean they will be low owned if they have a big game it’s pure gold.

Well building a good showdown lineup can seem tough at first I am very confident that if you follow these rules and multi enter that more times then not you will see yourself at the top of the leaderboards and even if you don’t multi enter as well.

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