Our Christmas eve bet of the day is a pretty simple one as there is only one game on today. A lot of people will go through sports withdrawals today so hopefully, a winning bet will help with that.

Hawaii +8 – Houston will have up to twenty players missing from their team as they were deemed not eligible due to them not going to school. This line was as high as 13.5 at one point and has been going down since. On paper, Houston is the better team but with this issue, we think that it will just be too much for them to overcome. Maybe they still win the game but I don’t think they win it by more than one touchdown.

That is the only bet we have for tonight. I will try to get some stuff up before the games tomorrow morning they may be up late tonight which would be an NBA breakdown as well as some bets

Xmas Promotion

For the next two days till 1am eastern time on the 26th we are running a promotion let the randomizer choose your price. How this will work is I will put 1-25 in the randomizer whatever number comes up that is the number you will pay for a one-month membership meaning you could get a $50.00 value for as little as $1.00 that is a deal that just can’t be beaten. Make sure to reach out to me on twitter @dualcoastsports or on Instagram dualcoastsports before fully signing up so I can tell you exactly how to do it and what your membership cost will be.

Also, remember that if you sign up to www.thrivefantasy.com and use the code dcs at deposit and it’s your first time depositing they will give you a 100% match on up to 50.00 all you have to do is use that code and deposit at least 20.00 can’t beat that deal.

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