Chiefs vs Dolphins Draftkings showdown slate core and breakdown
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As we mentioned before as of late I have found a lot of success in doing H2H or double-ups on the showdown slates. The one I picked for the early games is KC vs the Dolphins. The one play that I think you have to have in any lineup you make is Washington. Washington very likely will be the starting RB for the Dolphins with Gaskins being on the covid list and Ahmed being out. On top of all that well, he did not do much with KC Washington did use to play with them so you have that revenge game aspect. The other two plays are obvious ones that you will want in any lineup anytime you play a showdown slate with KC.

After that some of the players I will be looking to get into my lineups and I would suggest rounding out your lineups with our

Travis Kelce

Devante Parker

Mike Gesicki

Leveon Bell

Jason Sanders

Malcolm Perry

With those players, you can build a pretty solid lineup and it gives you enough room to multi-enter GPP games if you choose. Now I am not saying these are the only guys you can play I am just saying these guys are the ones that I personally would build most of my lineups with.

Any questions feel free to reach out to me @dualcoastsports on twitter

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