So doing things a little different now since I have been hearing some advice for some people about the breakdowns. Moving forward the FREE breakdowns will be this and then three more plays that I like which will range from top salary people to value plays each slate will be a little bit different. We are running a great promotion right now of 20.20 for one month of service on that I will be posting a little more in-depth info as well as will be doing a core with my captain play as part of that core.

Players I like for this slate

Daniel Carlson – Well the Chargers do not have the best defense in the NFL Carlson has been very consistent when it comes to scoring points. Carlson at the very least should be good for eight points and could get more as he has hit as high as fifteen this season. For his price point, I think he is a very good value.

Bryan Edwards – The Raiders had high hopes for him when they drafted him this year and he has not lived up to them so far. Ruggs was announced to be on the Covid-19 list which could lead Edwards to become the number two wide receiver this week. Well he did not do much with that opportunity earlier this year for his price point of $400 he is just too cheap not to play especially if you are playing GPP

Derek Carr – Yes he has been up and down this year but when he is on he is on. The Chargers well they only give up the 6th most past yards a game they give up the 20th most points against the QB. With Jacobs being hurt this could very well lead to Carr throwing the ball a lot which will either be very good or very bad. I tend to think it will be the very good option and that he will be able to get a few touchdowns and help you win.

So that is all for the FREE version like I said if you would like a more in-depth one as well as who I will be playing in my captain slot, please try out the promo we are running so you can get that great information.

* As always things can change as the slate gets closer and injury news comes about. Always make sure to check before lock to see if we have added or changed anything as we will do that as news comes out.

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