So I really liked the way we did the post yesterday so for the meantime think we are gonna keep it like that and keep doing the team breakdowns instead of just a core. With that being said this will be going behind a paywall soon and just the core will be free so make sure you get one of our accounts for as little as $50.00 a month

Virginia Tech

Keve Aluma ($7,400)-
Alma has been a beast as of late, he has consistently averaged around 25 fantasy points per game with a usage rate over 18 but last game he was given a minutes increase in a close game and dropped 47.5. I look for his role to become bigger on this team and is a good player to target in GPPs for his upside.

Jalen Cone ($4,900)-
Cone is interesting because since being back from injury he has had a usage rate over 25 but his minutes have been relatively low. I am a little iffy on him but he is on my radar. We would more so suggest him in GPP or multi-entry though.


Carlik Jones ($8,100)-
Jones is a monster, he averages 33 fantasy points per game and has a 21 usage rate on the season. Jones is on the court almost every minute per game and will have a lot of opportunities to have a slate breaking type if game.


JD Notae ($7,000)-
Notae has the highest usage rate on the Razorbacks even though he comes off the bench. Tennessee has a great defense so I am not super excited about this play but with Notae’s 21% shot rate he will be very active and will have a lot of chances to meet value.


Victor Bailey Jr ($6,100)-
Bailey plays between 25-30 minutes per game and is a high volume shooter from the guard spot. He shoots 10 times per game on average and if he hits a few 3’s you will see yourself rising to the top of the leaderboards without breaking the bank.


Gabe Kalscheur ($5,400)-
This is more so a play to save some salary, Kalscheur has a decent usage rate and plays a good amount of minutes but in reality, he is the 3rd option on Minnesota. He will likely get you around 20-25 fantasy points which isn’t the most exciting but if you need a spot to save salary this could be a solid option. We really like him in cash games since 25 fantasy points will be solid for those types of games.


Franz Wagner ($8,500)-
Minnesota is terrible at guarding the PF position that Wagner has been slot into and with Wagner’s tendency to fill up the stat sheet I think we see him do that with ease tonight. This is a game where he will be able to pick and choose how he wants to be involved and usually that will work out well in DFS. Wagner has a high floor tonight and a very high ceiling.

Boston College

Wynston Tabbs ($5,900)-
In the past few games, Tabb’s salary has dropped $1,400 and even though his production has dipped as of late, he has a high ceiling on any given night. I wouldn’t play him on every lineup but I think he is someone you will want exposure to on this slate for a cheap price.


Matthew Hurt ($8,600)-
Duke hasn’t played in nearly a month but prior to their hiatus, Hurt was playing nearly every minute of every game with a usage rate above 18. I am not a fan of Duke and usually try to avoid them at all costs but Hurt is definitely someone worth having on your radar. Keep Steward and Roach on your radar also.


Austin Reaves ($7,700)-
Reaves plays a ton of minutes and posts nearly a 22 usage rate. It’s very hard to target someone against Baylor but he has the ability to have a good stat line and will have the minutes to work with.


Jared Butler ($8,000)-
Butler is the usage leader for Baylor with an over 24 rate. Butler is a good scorer, provides some peripherals, and is a solid defender that will pick you up some points on defensive stats each game as well. If Oklahoma can keep this game semi-close Butler could be in line for a huge game tonight. I don’t mind Teague and Mitchell in this matchup either.


Allen Flanigan ($6,900)-
Auburn is terrible for DFS, so I recommend ignoring this game altogether, but if you want exposure to this game for some reason, Flanigan is the only player that gets consistent minutes and production. I would look at other places rather than Auburn though and only use this play if you are multi-entering GPP’s.


Romeo White ($6,400)-
White had a slow start to the season, but in the last few games he has put together a really solid stat line and they seem to be looking to him for more production each game. His price has risen a little but it is still a little low for what he could do so I think this is the type of game to take advantage of him being low priced.

Seton Hall

Sandro Mamukelashvili ($8,100)-
Mamukelashvili does everything for Seton Hall, he provides stats in every category and is on the floor most of the game. He has a 19 usage rate and with this game likely being a close one with a fast pace, he is nearly a lock for me in this one.


Marcus Zegarowski ($7,200)-
Zegarowski started the season at $8,300 in salary and has produced 30-35 fantasy points in the majority of games, yet his salary has dropped over 1k. I think this price is a solid value that if you can afford he is worth getting in. Mahoney is also worth having on your radar in this spot.

All this info was given to us by Tyler Beard @tyslice23 if you have any questions feel free to reach out to him.
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