This is for sure a different type of season for the Patriots as a fan it is not normal at all for them to not be playing for the playoffs at this time of the year if they had not already wrapped the playoffs up. I will be interested in seeing what Bill does with the team and would not at all be shocked if he does play Stidham at some point this game to try and give him some more looks as I don’t think Newton is the answer for the future of the Patriots. With all that being said these are three other players I like this slate.

Stefon Diggs – Normally this is a guy you would lock into your lineups no matter what anyway add in the fact that the Patriots number one CB is not playing this week and that makes me like Diggs even more. Diggs has been as consistent as they come this year have double-digit points in every game this year. He has enjoyed a career year with the Bills and I really don’t see that stopping in this game. The last time he played the Patriots he scored 15.2 points I think that is the floor for him and I would be very shocked if he got under twenty points. I don’t often say this but he is a guy you could put in 100% of your lineups and feel good about doing it.

Damien Harris – Obviously this is only if he plays if he gets ruled out then I like Sony in his place. Harris has been the Patriots lead back this year now it is always a little tricky figuring out what that means on a Patriots team cause it changes from week to week but he has been the guy for the most part. The bills have struggled this year against the run giving up 121.4 rushing yards per game which is the 19th worse in the league and they have given up the 22nd most fantasy points to running backs. The one thing that concerns me is this game could get out of hand which could cause White to get more play than Harris but if the Patriots are able to keep it close I expect Harris to get a pretty good amount of rushing attempts.

Nick Folk – For a season that has been so up and down for the Patriots one thing has been very consistent this year and that is the play of Nick Folk. Surprisingly he has turned into one of the better kickers in the NFL something I was not at all expecting going into the season. Now I know I already suggested Bass who is a kicker but I think this could be one of those off-the-wall weeks that we see a lineup with two kickers actually do good. Bass has been the higher scoring kicker of the two but there have been a few weeks that Folk has scored double-digit points and I think we could see that again. Putting one or both of the kickers into your lineup will allow you the ability to put those higher-priced players like Diggs or Allen into your captain spot which could be a good recipe for a GPP win

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