We have a treat for you guys and girls today as we will be giving you two free bets. These free bets are normally something for you guys and girls to show you what we can provide for you and the two we have found today we absolutely love

Georgia -2 – Georgia comes into this game with a 7-0 record they are playing Mississippi St who is coming into the game with a 5-3 record. Well, Mississippi St has been playing very well this year we believe Georgia’s offense will be enough to help them get the win and to cover the -2. Mississippi St has struggled against well-known teams this year compared to Georgia who just recently beat Cincinnati by fifteen points. Well, we do believe this will be a close game in the end Georgia will just be too much and will cover the -2. Feel free to lay at least two units on this bet.

SE Missouri St -1 – I know I know what you are thinking to quote Conor Mcgregor who the fook is that guy and why on earth are we making a team with a 2-5 record one of our top bets of the day. Plain and simple it is because of who they are playing Tennessee Tech may be the worse basketball team I have ever seen. Tennessee Tech comes into this game with a 0-9 record that record includes games losing by 30, 31, 24, 54, and 20. Now yes they have played some very well-known teams but this team just has no reason to even be on the court. Is SE Missouri St an amazing team no not at all but I feel the fact that they are only giving 1 point to Tennessee Tech is a joke it should be at least five points. I would be very shocked if Tennessee Tech wins this game I honestly think they have a better chance of going winless this year. Feel free to lay at least three units on this bet.

Well, that is our bets of the day for today. Make sure to sign up for one of our premium packages to get the rest of our bets as we will have seven other bets for you on our premium card. Right now we are running a promotion for $20.20 for one month of premium content but it runs out at the end of the month so you wanna make sure you jump on well you can and save yourself over 50%

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Any questions feel free to reach out to me @dualcoastsports and ask.

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