I decided to do a separate post for UFC bets since that is what originally built the website and podcast. I will still do the normal post of bets as well they just will not be premium tomorrow. For UFC we have a card of five straight plays as well as one parlay so let’s get that money to roll over to NFL on Sunday.

Antonio Arroyo -165 – Arroyo’s opponent plan and simple just does not belong in the UFC in my personal opinion. I think Arroyo is better in every aspect when it comes to this fight. Winn who is his opponent recently fought in the same organization that allowed Lidell and Ortiz to fight again. Someone who fought in that organization belongs nowhere near the UFC. I think Arroyo will have no issue at all winning this fight more than likely by a finish.

Marlon Moraes -155 – This fight has the potential to be the fight of the night and is one that I am really looking forward to. Font is a great fighter and has great power don’t get me wrong but if you look at his career Moraes has fought the best of the best and that is the only time he has lost. I think Moraes is gonna be a little too fast and experienced for Font and will be able to take the fight more than likely via decision. I wouldn’t put a full unit on this one though personally, I am putting 0.75 units.

Kalinn Williams +104 – This honestly is my favorite bet of this card for those of you that don’t know Williams is a killing machine. In his past two fights both of which he has been huge underdogs in, he has finished both in under thirty seconds. How on earth this guy is an underdog is beyond me but I am perfectly fine with it. His opponent is a very unique fighter he does crazy things in the octagon that you just don’t normally see honestly not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. Either way, I think Williams is gonna capitalize when that happens and will get the knockout. It more than likely will take longer than the last two fights but I personally think Williams is the real deal and that it is only a matter of time before it happens. I personally beat 1.5 units on this fight

Marlon Vera +125 – As much as it pains me I think Aldo is done he is a shell of his former self and I think this may honestly be his last fight. It’s not to say that I think Vera is amazing he is a fighter who knows how to get a finish this is a big fight for him though. Aldo has only lost to the best of the best much like Moraes. I just think Vera is gonna be a little too much for Aldo to handle call it more of a hunch than anything just don’t think Aldo has it anymore.  I would suggest betting only 0.50 units on this fight though

Geoff Neal -120 – So I know me and my partner disagree on this fight. It is not to say that I don’t think Thompson can win in my opinion Neal has to get the finish in the first two rounds if he does not he more than likely will lose. This may be a fight to live bet if your book allows live betting at all. End of the day I think Neal will be able to get the finish I think he is just too strong and hits too hard for Thompson. Thompson is also a very unique fighter with how he stands and stuff like that I just think Neal will be able to solve the puzzle late first early second. I would suggest only betting 0.50 units on this fight as well


Tafon Nchukwi ML/Eubanks fight over 2.5 rounds -163 – I know it is not the best parlay odds but cuts the juice in about half on Tafon. Both of these picks should have no issue hitting Eubanks is the queen of decisions. I would beat 0.75 units on this parlay.

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any questions feel free to reach out to me at twitter @dualcoastsports



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