Well, we had a plus money day yesterday and that’s what matters not quite as many units as we hoped but on to today.

Georgia +8.5 0.50 units

Incarnate Word +7.5

Pacers moneyline

Celtics +3

Suns -3 0.50 units

Clippers moneyline

Parlay of the day

76ers/Bucks/Baylor/VCU/Tennessee +226 odds 0.50 units

Well, that’s all the bets we have for today make sure to get them all placed, and let’s make that money. Any questions feel free to reach out @dualcoastsports on twitter and I will respond to you. We are running a great contest on Twitter as well as Instagram right now for a free month of premium content. The content will end tomorrow at 8 PM est so make sure to check it out as very soon we will be going back to making part of the card only available to premium subscribers.



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