How are you guys we have absolutely been killing it with CBB, NBA bets since the new years going over 80% each on posted bets and we look forward to keeping it going today. We went 7-0 on posted bets yesterday and we have five more straight bets as well as a parlay for you guys today so let’s get it.

Oregon +3 0.50 units

Iowa -5.5

Morehead st -4

Portland +17.5

Nevada +13.5

Parlay of the day

Lakers/Bryant/Belmont/Stanford +107 odds 0.50 units

make sure to check out our twitter @dualcoastsports as well as Instagram of the same name. We are running a contest on both platforms that ends at 8 pm est tonight. If you win it will get you a free month of premium services which is normally a $50.00 value. Starting as soon as in the next few days a lot of the info we have been posting will be going behind a paywall so you for sure don’t wanna miss your chance to get this info for free I mean after all we just went 7-0 on our bets posted yesterday.


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