So we have a jam-packed day of betting today between NBA, CBB, NHL, and UFC if you are not part of one of our premium packages you for sure should jump on for as little as 50.00 with that being said though this is our top bet of the day.

Norfolk St ML

Norfolk St comes into this game with an 8-4 record they are going against Coppin St who comes into the game with a 4-9 record. We believe that Norfolk St is better in almost every aspect of the game from offense to defense. The big stat that jumps out to us is Norfolk St’s 3pt shooting they hit at a 39.4% clip so if that 3pt shot is falling they are gonna be very tough to stop. Well, Coppin St has played a little bit better competition this season we believe Norfolk St is just to go for them to stop. Well you can take the spread if you would like and cut out some of the juice we suggest the ML just in case the game is close nothing is worse than losing a bet because of a hook. Take this bet to the window and watch that green role in.

For the rest of our bet card make sure to check out one of our premium packages. We have a huge card today and you won’t wanna miss it. Any questions reach out to me @dualcoastsports

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