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New Mexico ML – This bet is more so about who they are facing than New Mexico themselves. I will be the first to say New Mexico has not been a great team as of late their offense has looked not very good and well their defense has not been horrible it has shown some holes. It more so comes down to who they have played though and who they are playing today. As of late New Mexico has played Utah St a team with a 9-3 record, Nevada who has an 8-5 record and has played some tough teams very close, and Boise St who has an 11-1 record point is they have been playing some very good teams as of late so the fact that they have been getting beat does not worry me as much. New Mexico is playing Dixie St today and well yes Dixie St does have a winning record coming into the game at 4-2 those wins have come against North Dakota who is 3-10, Saint Katherine who is 1-10, Denver who is 1-8, and Bethesda who from what I can tell has not won a game all season and has only been playing exhibition games. This same Dixie St team was not even playing college basketball a few years ago. Plain and simple these two teams are just too far apart to have a line be this close. Lay the juice with New Mexico and run to the windows after cause Vegas made a mistake with this line in my personal opinion.

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