Bellator MMA bets 12/10 Macfarlane vs Velasquez
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Well, it’s that time of the week again boy’s and girl’s its time to pad your wallet so we can go all in over the weekend and make your book beg for mercy. To start the week off we have a simple of Bellator MMA bets for you. Bellator is a very good way to make some quick money if you know what to look for. Unlike UFC Bellator fights generally have some bigger favs which are great to throw into parlays and get that big payday.

For this slate I have three straight bets for you as well as one parlay

Macfarlane +148 – It’s always fun to have some money on the main event and it’s even more fun to have money on the winner

Cotton -240 – Yes I know this is a good amount of juice but I love this play this is one that easily should go in your favor and that I would feel comfortable betting multiple units on. Your wife can thank you when you hand her a wad of cash and tell her to go get the Christmas presents after you take this one to the bank.

Nikaev -250 – Yes I know this is another big juice one but like I told you before you will find that in Bellator if you know what to look for though you can make out well. Well, I do not like this one as much as the Cotton one I still feel good about betting it just not for as many units.

Parlay of the day

Magomedov/Vassell/Neal/Gracie Jr/Franklin – Yes I know it is a big parlay, but these are all plays that should have no issue winning, and putting them all together will give you excellent odds on them.

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